torstai 9. syyskuuta 2010


I have been on sickleave these few days. So I have had time to think about (dwell about) well everythink.
All that's happened lately and well last Spring and the late Summer and heheh.. the present.

Well you guys I have some news that you (might) propably don't know as we've been absent from here soooo long.

 Well we changed the scenery and moved to Helsinki city. (Had a big thought about Tampere as well but nah, I like Helsinki Tampere is my summer city (wich I do adore!)

Why well that's a sum of many many things and to be really honest people. I was yet again so lost with my life last Spring, professional crisis, personal life a mess = a major crisis, heheh and no work. Lahti started to feel so suffocating, too small too conventional, well not enough. To be honest I really heared the call of the world and if it wasn't for my darling girls I would propably be long gone somewhere to Europe. But for now am happily in Helsinki, I like living here all tho our flat is tiny (as in really small!) half of what we had before and 100e more rent.  But am not complaining I like the neighbourhood, would have fancied an older building tho one of those jugend beuties, but this house maybe describes our current life better ;-) hahah. And I started a new job 3 weeks ago, wich is super! I like it, the pay is not sky high but its not the most important thing for me more important is that i feel am needed and that I do my job well.

 I guess I'll end it this time here. So many news.. ! let's not over do it. But I'll be back no worries. And I think I have ti rethink about this writing in english. Am starting to feel it's a bit false maybe, or prehaps it's just because have'nt done this before.

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